Advanced Certificate in Leadership
and Management

Achieving Complete Leadership Mastery and Development

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10 Days

Introduction to the course

It is often misunderstood that leadership and management are two completely separate and distinct areas of study and approach. While academically this may have some truth - In reality, at times, a leader will need to employ management principles and at times a manager will need integrate leadership attributes. Truly excellent leaders and managers know this, and that’s why they excel in everything they do.

This training course has been specifically designed and developed to provide the best of both worlds of learning: Leadership and management. Knowing how to combine the two to create a powerful combination leading to personal and organisational excellence. It adopts the most leading-edge principles of agile, adaptive and innovative ideas, with practical methods and techniques. This training course will help future-proof your development to lead and manage in the 21st Century.

This Advanced Certificate in Leadership and Management training course will highlight:

  • How to develop your leadership self-mastery, and develop clear understanding and vision
  • The key attributes to leadership, influence and leading change with agility and speed
  • The key factors to be able to lead and manage, becoming more effective and efficient in all you do
  • The key skills and principles to manage successfully in today’s agile and uncertain environment
  • How to accelerate the performance management of your team and others in the organisation

Course details

At the end of this Advanced Certificate in Leadership and Management training course, you will learn to:

  • Develop your leadership self-mastery, clear understanding and vision
  • Utilize key attributes to leadership, influence and leading change with agility and speed
  • Apply key factors to be able to lead and manage, becoming more effective and efficient in all you do
  • Enhance key skills and principles to manage successfully in today’s agile and uncertain environment
  • Understand how to accelerate the performance management of your team and organisation

This Advanced Certificate in Leadership and Management training course uses a range of approaches to learning, including experiential group activities, individual exercises, mini-case studies, syndicate discussions.  In addition, psychometric self-profile assessments will be used to develop your leadership/management preferences and personality style. A key part of the learning process is sharing the differing experiences that participants bring, as well as experimenting with novel and sometimes challenging ideas.

Organisations will greatly benefit from sending delegates on this training course by: 

  • Gaining more motivated, confident and proficient leaders and managers in the organisation
  • Increasing the positive interpersonal behaviours and communication skills of individuals in the organisation
  • Reducing workplace problems and issues through effective leadership & management performance strategies and techniques
  • Increasing decision making, vision, strategy and positive leadership across the organisation
  • Developing creativity, innovation, and empowerment within the organisation
  • Have a positive impact on the business and business growth

As a participant on this training course you will gain:

  • A greater understanding and application of leadership & management techniques and principles
  • Personal development increasing emotional intelligence, self-awareness and fulfilment
  • Leadership and management techniques to help empower people to achieve greater potential and development
  • An increased awareness of your behaviour and communication skills and how to improve these
  • Have a positive impact on the organisation and those around you

This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals in leadership or managerial roles, in any discipline or industry, but will greatly benefit:

  • Directors
  • Senior managers
  • Middle managers
  • Identified talent, high-potentials and future leaders in the business

Daily Agenda

{heading_content}Module I - Certificate in Leadership:
DAY 1:
You, the Leader: Reality and Responsibility 
  • Making the leadership transition
  • Understanding your role and leadership purpose
  • Unlocking the prime factors of leadership
  • The importance of accountability, ownership and responsibility
  • Learn from the best: Reflective leadership analysis
  • Define and create your leadership brand
DAY 2:
Inspire, Influence and Develop Self Mastery
  • How to inspire others as a leader
  • Building trust and integrity
  • Applying the model of influence
  • Developing a positive mindset
  • Increase your emotional intelligence and leadership
  • Build confidence in yourself and others
DAY 3:
Provide Powerful Vision and Direction for Success
  • Leadership and vision – Myth or reality
  • Culture, change and strategy: The power triangle
  • Building the future success: Strategy models and techniques
  • Empowerment over limitation: Freeing potential
  • Creating the powerful vision
  • Communicating for individual and organisational commitment
DAY 4:
Building Influencing Networks and Relationships
  • The importance of building your power and influence network
  • Engage others with ease: Powerful interpersonal skills
  • Work the room: techniques to network socially
  • Become a key influencer in work and social
  • Develop your team through active coaching and mentoring
  • Gain commitment from others
DAY 5:
Developing Resilience and Tenacity
  • Resilience: The leadership differentiator
  • How to become assertiveness without stress
  • Controlling your emotions in times of crisis
  • Understanding the psychology of self-motivation
  • Developing tenacity: Deliver on your promise
  • The leadership role model: Exercise and profile
{heading_content}Module II - Certificate in Management:
DAY 6 :
The Managerial Leader
  • Management and leadership: Defining the two
  • Overcoming the common mistakes in management
  • Developing your management style / brand
  • Making the successful transition to manager
  • Building your self-belief, confidence and resilience
  • Managing change
DAY 7:
Managing Communication
  • Defining communication
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Communicating with different personalities
  • Improving your listening and questioning skills
  • Delivering clear, concise, persuasive messages
  • Trust and influence through the art of communication
DAY 8:
Managing Performance: Getting Results
  • Characteristics of performance management
  • Overcoming performance management barriers
  • Setting outcom-focused objectives for your team
  • Holding difficult conversations: Gaining positive outcome
  • The art of effective delegation and role allocation
  • Running meetings that motivate and get results
DAY 9:
Managing Performance: Problems and People
  • Group problem solving and decision-making techniques
  • How to manage different personality types
  • How to manage conflict & stress: Personal and team
  • The power of coaching to increase performance
  • Using feedback to shape peoples’ behaviour
  • Conducting a powerful employee appraisal
DAY 10:
Managing Performance – Motivating People
  • What motivates you and others
  • Motivation in 21st century organisations
  • The power of praise, self-belief and performance
  • Creating a motivating work environment
  • Building team spirit
  • Next steps

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no prerequisites. Our courses are open to students of all backgrounds who are 18 years of age and older. All courses are conducted in English. Video lectures include English subtitles and the option to slow-down, pause, or replay lectures for better retention. Discussion boards are a critical component of each of our courses; therefore, we suggest students have a conversational knowledge of English when pursuing a Certificate of Completion. For any of the art writing courses, students need to be 100% proficient in written English.

You should have an up-to-date web browser such as: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer. For more detailed information, please see the guides for supported browsers and basic computer specifications. Our Online Courses can be accessed on a mobile or tablet device, although we strongly encourage you to have access to a desktop or laptop computer and reliable internet connection for certain course components. Former students have told us it is easiest to read discussion threads and complete written assignments on a laptop or desktop computer.

Registration is available on our website. Just follow these simple steps: Click the “Apply Now” button in the top right corner of your screen. Select “Online Courses.” Choose your course(s). You will be asked for basic contact information and your credit card payment. We require full payment at the time of registration and all tuition is billed in US dollars. Be sure to check with your bank or credit card company, as your financial institution may charge a foreign transaction fee.

Our classes are kept small, at no more than 30 students, to better facilitate and encourage personalized interaction with the instructor and fellow participants. Your classmates come from all over the globe and contribute their global perspectives and experience. Some are currently working within the arts while others are just beginning. All classmates share in their passion for the art world.

It is recommended that you begin your course promptly. If you do need to start the course a few days late, contact your instructor as soon as possible after the course has opened to discuss your options. Registration closes on the Friday after the course begins.

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Course customization available

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