Leading Creatively

Embracing the Innovative Models of Modern Leadership Thinking

The modern-day leader needs an entirely new tool kit to ensure their organisation thrives in this highly competitive work environment, and this KC Academy training course will equip them with the skills to lead creatively and contribute to organisational success.

07 - 11 Feb 2022
$ 5,950
27 Jun - 01 Jul 2022
$ 5,950



5 Days




This KC Academy training course challenges dated ideas and preconceptions of traditional leadership. You will be guided and coached to maximise your own and your team’s creative potential through innovative and transformational models and techniques. The days of heroic management belong in the past; it is an era of development, involvement, and staff empowerment. The modern-day leader needs an entirely new tool kit to ensure their department flourishes in this highly competitive work environment.

The emphases of this exciting and thought-provoking training course are communication, flexibility, versatility, vision, involvement and creative thinking. You will be encouraged to think outside the box, expand your comfort zone, challenge, and embrace new ideas and concepts. You will also be taught the crucial methodology of identifying possible pitfalls, traditions and conflicts that could prevent you from transferring your newly acquired skills to the workplace.

This training course will highlight:

  • Opportunities for innovative styles of thinking
  • Profiling tools to identify people’s differing personality types
  • How to create and communicate a compelling vision?
  • Techniques to harness the creative power of the team
  • Facilitation tools to develop others’ creativity in new and exciting  ways


By the end of this training seminar, you will be able to:

  • Create your personal leadership brand
  • Select appropriate techniques for your self-discovery
  • Demonstrate innovative methods for harnessing others’ creative potential
  • Communicate your vision through multiple sensory, refreshing and engaging ways
  • Explore the outer limits of group creativity

Training Methodology

This highly interactive training course uses a variety of approaches to learning, including experiential group activities, individual visioning exercises, and syndicate discussions.

This encourages you to hear, see and feel for yourself the power of the creative mind. Short informal inputs are used to introduce the underpinning theory of creativity, leadership and high-performance team working.

A crucial part of the learning process is sharing the differing work and life experiences participants bring to the table. It offers an opportunity to experiment with novel and sometimes challenging techniques within a safe and creative environment.

Organisational Impact

Successful 21st-century organisations are constantly investigating new ways of lifting their profile in the global marketplace through: 

  • Linking creativity and innovation to organisational performance
  • Creating leaders at all levels can develop and communicate a shared vision
  • Training leaders who can engage and motivate their teams
  • Focusing on long-term corporate and customer needs
  • Increasing effectiveness through more effective use of team working
  • Leaders with a focus on actions and outcomes, not theory

Personal Impact

You will benefit from this training course by: 

  • Creating a clear sense of personal and professional vision of the future
  • Aligning and building coherent personal values
  • Enhancing levels of personal self-confidence
  • Become more decisive in dealing with challenging team in work
  • Establishing opportunities for networking
  • Sharing ideas that will provide a further catalyst to personal growth

Who Should Attend?

This training course is designed for individuals responsible for driving company growth by creating or eliciting new ideas and paradigms. Alternatively, you may be stuck with your own ‘logical’ career journey and seeking an opportunity to explore beyond its boundaries.

  • Team Leaders
  • Directors
  • HR Professionals
  • Senior Management Professionals
  • Heads of Department
  • Finance Directors

Course Outline


Creative Problem-Solving

  • Leadership Reality Assessment
  • Leadership vs. Management
  • Understanding Our Brain Function
  • Myths of Creativity
  • The Limitations of the Rational
  • Divergent Approaches to Problem-solving
  • Letting Go of Logic
  • Analogous Thinking Modes
  • Convergent and Divergent Modes


Overcoming Personal Blockers to Creativity

  • Sigmoid Curve - Lifecycle Model
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Breakthrough Step Change
  • Self-awareness and the Nature of the Ego
  • Personal Goal Alignment
  • Adaption and Innovation: Personal Preferences for Creating Meaning
  • Exploring Attitudes to Risk
  • Left and Right Brain Thinking


Developing the Vision Creatively

  • Six Thinking Hats
  • Using Differing Thinking Styles
  • JoHari’s Window
  • The Business Plan Process & Creating a Vision
  • Harnessing the Power of the Team
  • Organisational Culture and its Influence on Innovation
  • Letting Go of the Ego
  • Working with Different Creative Preferences


Communicating the Vision Creatively

  • The 7 Step Creative Process
  • Models of Communication
  • Viral Visioning
  • Authenticity and Trust
  • Creativity Tools, Techniques & Strategy
  • Letting Go of the Vision
  • Leading without Directing
  • Possible Leadership Beliefs


From Ideas to Action: Creativity and Change

  • Motivation - Hierarchy of Needs
  • Overcoming Organisational Barriers to Creativity and Change
  • Nurturing a Learning Environment
  • Is Money a motivator?
  • Personality Profiling
  • Building a Creative Consensus
  • Engaging Stakeholders Creatively
  • Influencing and Motivating through Change 
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