Managing Stress and Employee Wellbeing

Employee Resilience in the Post-Pandemic Workplace

Master how to manage your stress levels and effectively overcome work-related stress, avoid burnout and ensure you perform at optimal levels in the workplace on this KC Academy workshop.

18 - 19 Aug 2022
$ 1,250



2 Days



This KC Academy online workshop on “Managing Stress and Employee Wellbeing” will provide delegates with the skills and tactics required to manage stress and pressure in the workplace.

This workshop will also help delegates master techniques and practical methods to reduce stress at work and in their personal lives.

By enrolling in this 2-day workshop, delegates will master how to manage their body, mind & spirit effectively to overcome work-related stress, avoid burnout and ensure they are performing at optimal levels in the workplace.

This KC Academy online workshop will feature:

  • Understanding the difference between pressure & stress
  • Managing our body to overcome stress
  • How thoughts cause feelings
  • Effective stress management techniques
  • The importance of managing stress and employee wellbeing


By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to: 

  • Understand the sources of stress in our professional lives
  • Manage stress at work
  • Manage your body effectively to overcome stress
  • Transform toxic thoughts into positive thoughts
  • Deal effectively with stressful situations


This workshop will utilise various proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This programme will combine presentations with interactive practical exercises supported by video material and case studies.

The training course is conducted online via an advanced virtual learning platform in the comfort of any location of your choice.


Employee wellbeing and stress management is a must for all employees in the workplace, from HR, junior team members to C-Suite Executives.

This course will benefit:

  • Employees seeking to increase awareness of their personal stress levels and to help manage stress more effectively.
  • Team leaders, supervisors and line managers who wish to reduce and manage work-related stress.

Course Outline

Day One: Understand the Sources of our Stress

  • Perception and Stress
  • Difference between Pressure and Stress
  • Personality Differences in Handling Stress
  • Managing your Body Effectively in Dealing with Stress
  • Removing Sources of Stress
  • Developing Creative Ways to Cope with Stress

Day Two:  Develop Skills to Manage your Stress

  • Applying Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to Manage Stress
  • Techniques to Handle Stress
  • Helping Employees to Manage Stress
  • Managing the Team Stress
  • Adapting your Relationship Style to Ensure a Stress-free Workplace
  • Developing an Effective Stress Management Action Plan
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