Renewable Energy, Project Financing
& Financial Modelling

Effective Financing and Modelling of Renewable Energy Projects

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5 Days

Introduction to the course

The renewable energy sector has seen dramatic growth in recent years as the world pushes to develop in a more sustainable and greener manner. With growth set to continue at an even greater rate, this training course is vital to those involved in strategic moves into the sector and the raising of finance to support new projects. The Renewable Energy, Project Financing & Financial Modelling training course will guide delegates through the financing and project evaluation phases, before focusing on how to manage and reduce the financial risks associated with such projects including interest rate, exchange rate and commodity price risk.  In order to do so, delegates will develop financial modeling skills to aid their ability to evaluate, analyse and help to make key strategic decisions vital to the on-going growth and sustainability of their organization.

This KC Academy training course will highlight:

  • The growing need for Renewable Energy Projects
  • Project Finance Methods and Agreements
  • Capital Investment Appraisal
  • Financial Modelling
  • Risk Management Techniques

Course details

By the end of this Renewable Energy, Project Financing & Financial Modelling training course, participants will learn to:

  • Recommend how to structure the financing of Renewable Projects
  • Structure Project Finance agreements
  • Evaluate the Financial Viability and Return of Renewable Projects
  • Manage Financial Risk associated with projects
  • Develop Financial Models to assist evaluation and decision making

Participants attending this training course will receive a thorough training on the subjects covered by the training course outline with the Tutor utilising a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques. The Renewable Energy, Project Financing & Financial Modelling training course will follow a participative workshop format focusing on developing practical skills that delegates can apply in real life business situations on return to their own organisation. Training course methodology includes the discussion and evaluation of real-world case studies, video presentation, Excel analysis and simulation of project evaluation and risk assessment.

As a result of sending employees to attend this training course the organisational will gain:

  • Informed staff, engaged with the latest developments
  • Improved finance and project management
  • Staff with knowledge of the latest modelling tools and techniques
  • Improved performance with staff better able to meet strategic developments in the sector
  • An improved finance and risk management culture

As a result of attending this Renewable Energy, Project Financing & Financial Modelling training course the individual will gain:

  • Improved knowledge and understanding
  • The ability to apply new skills direct to the workplace
  • Up-to-date knowledge
  • Financial, Project and Risk Management knowledge and skills
  • The ability to improve their roles and career growth

This Renewable Energy, Project Financing & Financial Modelling training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Strategy team members
  • Finance & Investment professionals
  • Project managers
  • Budget managers & professionals
  • Risk management professionals

Daily Agenda

Day One:
Sources of Finance for Major Renewable Energy Projects
  • The Energy Sector & Growth of Renewables – Strategic Issues affecting Future Finance
  • Major Renewable Energy Projects and Financing Schemes
  • Equity Finance
    • Government Finance
    • Public Share/Equity
      Private Equity
    • Venture Capital
  • Debt Finance
    • Loans
      • Fixed Rate
      • Floating Rate
    • Bonds 
Day Two:
Project Finance for Renewable Energy Projects
  • Project Finance
  • The Structure of Project Finance Schemes for Energy Projects
    • Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV)
    • Recourse & Non-recourse Finance
  • Parties to Project Finance Schemes
  • Commercial Facility Agreement (Loan Agreement & Covenants)
    • Debt Service Coverage Ratios (DSCRs)
  • The Role of Bonds/Guarantees and Letters of Credit 
Day Three:
The Cost of Finance
  • The Cost of Finance
  • Cost of Equity
    • Dividend Policy and the Impact on Finance Costs
  • CAPM Risk Based Costing of Finance
  • Cost of Debt
    • Credit Ratings and the Impact on Cost
    • Interest Volatility & Current Projections
  • WACC & Arbitrage Pricing Theory
  • Dealing with Changes in the Cost of Finance
    • Interest Rate Swaps 
Day Four:
Renewable Energy Project Evaluation & Finance Agreements
  • Traditional Corporate Finance v Project Finance
  • Evaluation & Appraisal of Traditional Corporate Finance
  • Financial Evaluation / Ratio Analysis of Financial Statements i.e. Recourse to the Balance Sheet
  • Evaluation of Project Finance
    • Project Cashflow
    • Tax & Capital Allowances
    • Payback, NPV, IRR & MIRR
  • Determinants of the NPV 
Day Five:
Financial Modelling of Renewable Energy Projects
  • Modelling Revenue & Price Volatility
  • Expected Monetary Value, Probability & Decision Trees
  • Forecasting Costs using Regression & Correlation (Single & Multiple)
  • Practical Modelling: Using Statistical Analysis Tools in Excel
  • Risk Management and Sensitivity/Simulation Analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no prerequisites. Our courses are open to students of all backgrounds who are 18 years of age and older. All courses are conducted in English. Video lectures include English subtitles and the option to slow-down, pause, or replay lectures for better retention. Discussion boards are a critical component of each of our courses; therefore, we suggest students have a conversational knowledge of English when pursuing a Certificate of Completion. For any of the art writing courses, students need to be 100% proficient in written English.

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Our classes are kept small, at no more than 30 students, to better facilitate and encourage personalized interaction with the instructor and fellow participants. Your classmates come from all over the globe and contribute their global perspectives and experience. Some are currently working within the arts while others are just beginning. All classmates share in their passion for the art world.

It is recommended that you begin your course promptly. If you do need to start the course a few days late, contact your instructor as soon as possible after the course has opened to discuss your options. Registration closes on the Friday after the course begins.

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Course customization available

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