Reputation Management

Managing the Ultimate Intangible

Understand the latest tools and techniques for delivering strong corporate reputation and its systematic management through this training course.

21 - 25 Feb 2022
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5 Days


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We all know the value of reputation. People with a high reputation are talked about more, are sought after and can command higher positions in society and higher salaries. Similarly, in the business world having a great reputation makes you a preferred choice, allows you to charge higher prices and leads to more satisfied staff and customers. If your reputation is negative you may not even be given a chance.

So, how do we affect reputation? In our comprehensive training course we will look at the factors that affect our image and consider how we can influence them. In today’s online world there are many more opportunities and threats so organizations with traditionally high reputations may have new channels and tactics to consider. This KC Academy training course in Reputation Management provides an overview of the latest tools and techniques to delivering a strong corporate reputation.

This training course will highlight:

  • The ways in which your reputation is made
  • An understanding of the impact of ethical behaviour including sustainability
  • Corporate purpose and corporate story
  • Search engine optimisation and marketing
  • Developing customer reviews and comment across all channels
  • Understanding and developing user experience


By the end of this training seminar, you will be able to:

  • Understand the drivers of reputation and how to manage them
  • Discover how transparency builds trust and reputation for an organisation.
  • Get the right attention for a your brand.
  • Create risk and issues management plans for stakeholders.
  • Develop effective communication campaigns
  • Explore the range of activities that comprise corporate communications

 Training Methodology

This training course uses a wide variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure effective assimilation and retention of the information presented. This training course is highly interactive and will prompt delegates to reflect on their own thinking, communication style and practice.

Your Tutor will guide and facilitate learning using a wide variety of methods including direct input, video, discussions, case studies and group and individual exercises to focus on the themes of the course, practice skills and receive feedback.

 Organisational Impact

Your company will benefit in the following ways:

  • Systematic maintenance of your reputation
  • Creation of greater stakeholder trust
  • Increased protection from potentially damaging crises
  • Greater support for marketing and sales activities
  • Improved user experience in your communications channels

 Personal Impact

The personal benefits to be derived from attending this training course include the following:

  • Greater understanding of reputation and your personal brand
  • Improved ability to influence corporate social responsibility activities
  • Knowledge of the law that affects reputation – slander, libel and defamation
  • Improved understanding of the levers that affect reputation
  • Improved skills to impact corporate and personal reputation

 Who Should Attend?

This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals in communication and marketing but will greatly benefit:

  • Corporate Communications Practitioners / Managers
  • Public Relations Officers / Managers
  • Public Affairs Practitioners
  • Marketing Officers / Managers
  • Anyone planning a career in PR

Course Outline

DAY 1 

Reputation and its Drivers 

  • What is reputation and how can it be assessed
  • What are the drivers of reputation?
  • A reputation audit – how to conduct it?
  • Sources of data on reputation
  • Developing your research skills
  • Use of online tools to assess reputation

 DAY 2 

Reputation and Culture 

  • How company culture impacts reputation?
  • Brand and brand values
  • Do you deliver on your brand personality and promise?
  • Aligning your comms, marketing, sales and customer service
  • Communicating across cultures
  • Ensuring support from the top tier

 DAY 3

 Reputation and the Media 

  • Mapping your regular stakeholders and their media preferences
  • Analysing your reputation in key media
  • Running media campaigns
  • Planning and managing press briefings
  • Analysing your coverage in directories
  • Campaign risk planning

DAY 4 

Online Reputation 

  • Why the internet has been the game changer?
  • The Cluetrain manifesto and migration to online and mobile
  • The importance of Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social media and reputation
  • Assessing your online reputation
  • The risks of social media

 DAY 5 

Building Trust 

  • ESG – Environment, Social and Governance
  • Your CSR profile
  • Transparency and ethics
  • Surveying stakeholders
  • The role of influencers
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