Advanced Consulting Skills Masterclass

Master Advanced Consulting Skills and Deliver High-Impact Results

Master the advanced processes and consultancy skills that are vital for you to make a valuable contribution to organisational and business success.


19 - 20 Dec 2022
$ 2,400
$ 1,250



2 Days


Classroom Online

Seminar Overview

Specialist or technical expertise is not sufficient to be an effective consultant. You need skills, processes and models that frame your expertise to deliver value to clients and improve organisational performance successfully.

Acquiring consulting skills is one of the most valuable investments that you can make in your career development.  Organisations in the 21st century are changing more rapidly than in the past, and functional relationships have become more complex.  The skills and experience required to deliver and sustain significant performance improvement have grown at a very high speed.  As part of this trend, consulting as an advanced managerial activity has been one of the fastest-growing modern business sectors.

A successful career in the future will depend to an increasing extent on the acquisition and application of leading-edge consulting skills – for individuals who either aspire to a top-level, general management position or seek to move into a specialist career as an internal (or external) consultant.  This training course will put into context the challenges and rewards of adding high-level consulting skills to your existing experience to achieve either of these goals.  This KC Academy training course will set out the specific characteristics and demands of top-level consulting. It will guide achieving success in developing your career experience to include this increasingly important skill set.

This intensive training course will highlight:

  • How to add strategic and operational value as a consultant
  • The skills required in a top-level consultant
  • Meeting the challenges of a consulting relationship
  • Scoping and structuring a complex consulting assignment
  • Presentation of ideas for change and development
  • Continuous development of consulting skills and relationships


At the end of this training course, you will learn to:

  • Enable new consultants to acquire core skills quickly
  • Enable experienced consultants to update their knowledge
  • Balance rigorous analysis with creative thinking
  • Achieve effective external and internal inputs to a project
  • Retain focus on positive outcomes and measurable results
  • Ensure that change projects have the desired impact

Designed For

This training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • All specialists who see personal value inexperience as an internal consultant
  • Specialists in business strategy and strategic planning
  • Operations managers who are responsible for leading change
  • Organisational and human resource development staff
  • Financial managers
  • Project managers in multi-specialist internal-external teams


Course Outline

  • Consultancy is much more than giving advice
  • Research and data as the foundations of successful consultancy
  • Most successful consultancy is a team activity
  • Guidelines for keeping consultancy projects under control
  • Balancing internal and external team members
  • Coordinating multi-specialist inputs to projects
  • Measured results as the true indicator of effective consultancy
  • Setting realistic project objectives and resources
  • Evaluating and choosing consultants
  • Partnering with chosen consultants
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