Advanced Social Media Training

Relating to Customers and Stakeholders through Social Channels

From content creation to conversion, this highly engaging training course will guarantee a long term success through effective social media strategy.



5 Days


Seminar Overview

This interactive training course brings delegates up to speed on the latest social media techniques that are guaranteed to ensure they create and share highly engaging content.

We spend time understanding how executives expect social media to benefit the business, what will engage key audiences, how to create content that is shareable and shared and how to prove content is delivering benefits for the business

Participants will return to their organisations able to both advise on social media strategy and manage campaigns that integrate effectively with other business communications, including:

  • Advising leaders on social media options
  • Platforms and strategies that are appropriate to the organisation and audiences
  • Developing social media plans and campaigns that support business vision, mission and values
  • Responding to audience participation and feedback on social media to strengthen loyalty
  • Evaluating activities to demonstrate the value to the organisation in terms of finances, operations, reputation and customer satisfaction.


At the end of this training course, you will learn to:

  • Develop social media activities and campaigns that engage audiences
  • Listen in to conversations, tapping into key trends and topical subjects
  • Define and target key audiences, influencers, opinion formers and interest communities
  • Find the best angles and language to hook people and build engagement
  • Upload and publicise engaging stories, creating conversations and driving word of mouth
  • Respond to comments and feedback in a way that positively builds relationships.

Designed for

Professionals who use social media for business and wish to improve their performance as well as understanding of the latest techniques.

Advancing Social Media Skills is ideal for journalists and communication practitioners working in marketing, public relations, customer service, customer relations, HR, employee communications, media relations, community relations and public affairs.

Course Outline

  • The current social media landscape – what is hot and what’s not
  • Choosing between the raft of social media options and tools to create engaging social media content
  • The place of social media in customer relationships, customer service, recruitment, employee engagement, public relations and marketing
  • Building an effective social media strategy including objectives linked to business benefits, channels, scheduling and monitoring
  • Understanding who wants to connect with your organisation on social media, what they want to hear and what you want to tell them
  • Reaching and influencing audiences, creating an emotional connection, ensuring relevance
  • Connecting with passive audiences who lurk rather than engage
  • Creating content that is shareable and shared: conversations that drive word of mouth
  • Understanding what social media content grabs attention and hooks people in
  • Searching and listening techniques including tapping into trends, participating in conversations, responding to comments and feedback
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