3 Reasons to Register on a Media Relations Training Course in Dubai

Learn to navigate the media more effectively, build your brand and enhance your public profile through positive public relations.

Media relations and communication skills are essential for the success of any organisation, business, or company. Understanding how traditional and digital media outlets operate and how to engage with them is more critical now than ever before. 

We've identified three reasons you need to register for a media relations training ​course today.

Media training teaches you how to think like a journalist while communicating like a PR

As the lines between traditional and digital media continue to blur and increasingly more people get their news online, being able to engage with the media is an essential skill for any communicator. Journalists are more innovative than ever and demand more from organisations that want to be featured in their stories. So, whether you're working in-house or as an agency, getting a handle on working effectively with the media is a must-have to securing coverage for your organisation and its products and services.

Media training can teach you how to use your words, tone, and body language to deliver your message powerfully. When you are speaking on television, people are not only listening to your comment; they are also looking at your body language and facial expressions. One of the most significant benefits of media training is developing confidence in speaking with the media. Many people are terrified by interviews, particularly on live radio or television. However, when you build your interview skills, speaking in the media is one of the most potent forms of marketing and PR for your business.

 Media training helps you maintain and enhance your company's reputation.

Companies are aware of the power of the media and its role in influencing stakeholder behaviour. They want to deliver a unified, compelling message regardless of how stakeholders receive it, whether through traditional or new media. As a result, companies are increasingly investing in training for their communications teams to become proficient in dealing with all forms of media. KC Academy courses enhance your skills and give you an edge over others.

Our media relations training courses teach you how to deal with the press under the duress of a multicultural environment. The goal is to have an approach that is general enough to be applied anywhere while being specific enough to take into account regional nuances like cultural diversity and understand different perceptions. Therefore, these courses show you how to deal with the press and bridge gaps between stakeholders and the media.

Media training can prevent you from being misrepresented.

Globalisation has opened doors for every company to function beyond its boundaries regardless of size. This can be highly beneficial for companies that have a limited market. Companies worldwide can now expand their operations in other countries and generate revenue from those markets as well.

Companies that operate internationally need to maintain an image to be perceived well by people in different countries and cultures. The media plays a significant role in this regard, and it can impact companies' fortunes significantly with just one negative story being broadcasted or printed. For example, a story about children working at factories making clothes is likely to cause significant damage to brands that use such factories because of the negative perception associated with child labour.

Media Training Courses in Dubai

If you're looking to build a viable communication strategy or improve your communication skills, the UAE is the place to do it. Global media outlets from BBC World News to CNN and France 24, alongside some of the largest media houses in the Middle East, are headquartered in Dubai, and it attracts journalists from all over the world. 

As a communications professional, you need to be able to engage with the media and know what works best for your strategy. You need to understand how the media operates, the key players, where you can reach them, and how to get in touch with them. In this day and age of social media, email, 24/7 news cycle, and shrinking newsrooms, it's also necessary to understand what works in an era of content abundance. Whether you're a public or private sector communicator or on an internal communications team, you must engage with the media. 

There's a reason media relations training courses in Dubai attract participants from across the globe — you'll learn alongside them while being immersed in one of the top emerging markets on earth.

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