Three Ways to Learn with KC Academy

At KC Academy, our Executive and Corporate Education courses and workshops build on our long-established capability as a consultancy at the forefront of media, communications, business, innovation and entrepreneurial thinking. 


At KC Academy, we believe that powerful learning experiences are the key to helping you and your organisation achieve your potential.


So how do we do this?


We create and deliver transformational training courses that have a real-world impact on our delegates, regardless of their industry expertise or sector. 


Our courses are available in three distinct formats, each catering to the training needs of delegates worldwide.


Classroom Courses 


Inspired by group learning, our 5-day or 10-day courses are delivered by expert training consultants in 15 inspiring international venues.


Classroom-based courses are the cornerstone of KC Academy: bringing together delegates from various industries, sectors, and backgrounds creates a unique learning environment. This environment helps foster progressive, peer-based learning, enabling delegates to walk away from our courses with increased professional and personal knowledge. 


Online Courses


Much like our classroom courses, we also offer "live-virtual" online training courses across our entire training portfolio.


KC Academy's online training courses enable you to participate in a high-level professional education experience yet have the flexibility to learn remotely at your convenience. 


By doing so, we help forward thinkers progress their careers, and organisations support their talent through professional development and life-long learning.


Bespoke Solutions 


Your particular challenges require well-crafted solutions, which is why organisations in London, Dubai, Lagos and Riyadh turn to us to deliver Bespoke Solutions. 


With our long-established reputation as an internationally recognised and accredited training provider, our bespoke solutions have your workforce and your organisations' needs in mind.


Further, our bespoke solutions have a proven record of building team capability throughout organisations, achieving tangible results.


When you choose to enrol on a bespoke KC Academy course, our cohort of more than 300 industry expert trainers will design, develop and deliver a custom course to meet your particular needs and ambitions.


KC Academy's three distinct learning areas are why we believe that Executive and Corporate Training can transform your career. We identify the best combination of teaching approaches to enable real impact.


We can also work with you in delivering an integrated Leadership Development or Management Development programme across in-work development and external practice-based learning to achieve confident leaders and professionals.

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