Effective Government Relations in the Energy Sector - CPD Certified

Influencing People and Policy

Develop your real-world skills and deliver an effective government relations strategy in the energy industry through this KC Academy training course.

07 - 11 Nov 2022
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5 Days



Effective Government Relations in the Energy Sector: An advanced 5-day Masterclass that will enhance your understanding of the most pertinent issues in the energy field.

This 5-day government relations training course examines the use of lobbying to influence policy. You will learn to map the political and power structures that shape your regulatory world. Topics include political risk, shaping your business environment with advocacy, media and online lobbying.

This course will develop your real-world skills and expose you to critical issues, questions, and state-of-the-art thinking on the most relevant topics within the energy industry. This course is recommended for anyone tasked with managing or overseeing the creation of a lobbying or PA strategy, whether directly or having hired a consultancy in the energy industry.

  • In a leadership position and need to thoroughly understand government relations to make appropriate strategic decisions
  • A policymaker responsible for creating and implementing policies within the organisation, in adherence with external standards
  • Internal and external auditors responsible for checking and ensuring adherence to internationally accepted benchmarks and standards
  • Interested in the functioning and prospects of a business concerning government and public interactions
  • Looking to improve communication and coordination with government officials in charge of certain functions of your organisation and its stakeholders
  • In a new role and looking to enhance your understanding of government relations in the energy sector

Learning Outcomes:

During this five-day training course, you will gain:

  • An introduction to government relations
  • An overview of the key challenges and issues, and government policies affecting the global energy industry today
  • An understanding of how to implement best practice approaches to engaging within the government and regulatory environment
  • The ability to implement strategies and the tools required to measure outputs and outcomes for your organisation
  • The ability to bring a government relations strategy to life in the energy industry

Course Outline

Day 1: Lobbying 101: introduction to Government Relations

  • Learn about the key pillars of effective government relations: ethics, lobbying, advocacy, policy development and monitoring the political environment.
  • Establish an overview of the political process, how institutions interact, and the role of government relations specialists within this system.
  • Understand the essential leadership skills required to execute a successful government relations campaign.


Day 2: The Global Energy Industry Today: Understanding and Mapping your Public Affairs and Political Landscape

  • Establish an overview of the key challenges, issues, and government policies in today's global energy industry.
  • Discover the complex web of global, regional, and national actors who will influence your government relations and advocacy strategy.
  • Develop an understanding of international law, economics and political economy and their significance in the energy industry.


Day 3: Stakeholder Management: Engaging with Media, Ministers and Regulatory Bodies

  • Establish an understanding of high-level engagement in the energy debate
  • Learn how to implement best practice approaches to engaging within the government and regulatory environment.
  • Practice media and stakeholder engagement techniques and prepare for interviews and high-level meetings.
  • Learn how to incorporate the components of your government relations toolbox in your stakeholder engagement strategy.


Day 4: Crafting a Campaign: Creating a Government Relations and Public Affairs Strategy

  • Understand the role of strategy in advocacy campaigns and learn about the critical components of a successful government relations strategy.
  • Master effective messaging and tactics to incorporate into your strategy.
  • Understand how to implement strategies and the tools required to measure outputs and outcomes for your organisation.


Day 5: Scenario Planning: Bringing your Government Relations Strategy to Life

  • What is effective government relations in reality? Put into practice the key learnings from the course and feel confident in establishing an effective government relations strategy for your organisation in the energy industry.
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