Management Training is a Must, Not a Maybe

According to a new survey, nearly three quarters (72%) of UK managers say receiving adequate training and support could have influenced them to stay in their jobs.

Investing in your employees is crucial if you want to see fulfilled, engaged employees committed to a long-term future with your organisation.

Nearly half (44%) of the managers polled who had quit their jobs or were planning to do so said they had never received adequate training during their time at the company.

Understanding that there is a difference between leadership and management is essential.

At KC Academy, we understand there is more to being a good manager than management skills. So what makes a leader truly credible? Why and how are followers inspired? Part of the answer is the ability to 'influence' others – organisations get more from motivated teams than groups of individuals. 

Leadership makes this happen; it is a skill that involves understanding several core management concepts and then putting them into practice. Our training courses equip managers with leadership tools to thrive in any situation.

Why do we need Managers?

Managers are the backbone of organisations and are responsible for managing talent, creating high-performing teams, encouraging employee retention, addressing concerns, and allocating responsibilities.

However, an ineffective manager can also be the downfall of an organisation.

There is a common understanding that people don't leave bad jobs; they leave bad managers.

Often this is not entirely the Manager's fault, but due to a lack of experience in people management and learning how to support and guide a team to achieve their potential truly.

So what can be done to ensure Managers are supported in the workplace?

At KC Academy, we recognise that Managers need additional support, which is why we have designed courses that equip managers with the necessary skills to motivate employees, retain talent and future-proof their current workforce.

For example, our "Mastering People Management and Team Leadership" course teaches people management skills and strategies. By attending a course like this, Managers learn that team leadership can be taught, which makes a tangible difference to the Manager, who may feel overwhelmed with their role and responsibilities. This training will positively affect employees and the organisation, as they will feel more supported and valued.

Management Training is a Must, not a Maybe

As outlined, Management training goes beyond simply learning how to manage people but explores team building, personal effectiveness, communication skills and conflict management.

By upskilling your Managers, you safeguard your organisation and future-proofing your talent.

Ultimately, all leaders want a high-performing workforce that feels valued, appreciated, and committed to your organisation. To achieve this, you need to empower Managers by giving them confidence and the ability to lead.

Get in touch today to learn more about KC Academy's "Mastering People Management and Team Leadership" course and our other training courses for Managers.

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