Building Your Personal Brand

Unlock Executive Presence and Master Personal Branding For Career Success

15 - 19 Aug 2022
$ 5,950
21 - 25 Nov 2022
$ 4,950



5 Days



Course Overview

Take charge of your brand.

This KC Academy "Building Your Personal Brand" 5-day course aims to not only investigate theoretical aspects of self-presentation and self-promotion but will also explain with practical information how to create a solid personal brand and how to build a unique brand strategy, to take control, manage and optimise your online personal brand presence and consequently, future opportunities.

Personal branding uses all kinds of design and marketing disciplines, techniques and tools to create, present and manage a curated self-image in the minds of others—not only your skills and experiences, but what you stand for, your vision, and what differentiates you from other professionals.

Supercharging your impact allows you to increase your self-awareness and develop an approach to managing your impact on others, which will help put you back in control of how others see you and the work you do.

Developing and building a personal brand is not just crucial once you've achieved career success. It is, in fact, an essential step to getting there. The importance of creating a personal that persuades, compels, leads and inspires is something that business leaders aspire to achieve. With the exponential growth of social media, the freelance workforce, and the gig economy, a solid personal brand has become imperative for almost any ambitious future.

Course Highlights:

This 5-day KC Academy Personal Branding Course will feature:

  • Professional and practical tips and advice on how to build a personal brand
  • A step by step plan of action to implement straight away
  • An opportunity to gain personal feedback on your personal brand strategy 

Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this 5-day KC Academy Personal Branding Course, participants will:  

  • Have a clear idea of their own personal brand
  • Identify the unique elements that make up their personal brand
  • Discuss what makes a powerful personal brand
  • Develop your personal brand marketing strategy
  • Demonstrate methods you can use to market your personal brand, including media exposure, LinkedIn and podcasts
  • Learn how to deliver effective presentations and speeches
  • Gain a practical toolkit to use in networking scenarios

This Course Is for You If You’re:

This course will benefit anyone interested in personal branding, including:

  • Anyone interested in understanding and developing their personal brand to grow their career
  • Marketing personnel
  • Business spokesperson
  • Individuals or teams who regularly pitch themselves to win or grow business
  • Executives and Managers looking to enhance their personal brand to become an industry thought-leader
  • Business owners, entrepreneurs and start-up founders

Course Outline

Upon completion of this 5-day KC Academy course, you will learn to:

  • Define your public audience and your "competitors."
  • Identify your goals and creating a vision for your future, and implementing it.
  • Create a clear value proposition: what is your offering? How is it unique?
  • Identify your personal brand’s core values, and purpose
  • Define your brand’s personality and your unique personal brand ‘DNA.’
  • Write your ‘personal brand statement.’
  • Establish a unique "Look and Feel" across all your communication channels: social media, website, blog
  • Curate your messages and storytelling to promote your personal brand
  • Optimise your social media profiles
  • Master how to market yourself and your brand on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • Generate effective content about you and your work
  • Maintain an authentic conversation to keep your audience engaged
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