Is 2023 The Year of Emotional Agility?

Having an even-keeled, neutral demeanour in our current work environment can be challenging. When faced with the constant influx of data, stress and pressure, it's easy to become reactive or overly emotional in our behaviour. This uncertainty is overreacting and responding to why we believe 2023 is the year of Emotional Agility.

We've all heard of Emotional Intelligence (EI), but there is a clear differentiator between EI and Emotional Agility (EA).

Emotional intelligence is about increasing your emotional awareness and understanding how others feel. It allows you to be self-aware without letting your emotions overwhelm you.

Emotional Agility is a set of skills and competencies that all of us can learn. It's the ability to manage one's thoughts and feelings to adapt and thrive in the workplace.

While we must work with all kinds of people, knowing our strengths and weaknesses and adapting to others is essential in today's complex, fast-changing knowledge economy.

Emotional Agility is an essential skill for leaders as well as employees. Emotional Agility means regulating your emotions and those of others effectively so that you can thrive at work no matter what happens around you.

In today's workplace, being emotionally agile is more important than ever. The ability to understand and manage your emotions, as well as the feelings of others, can help you navigate challenging situations and make better decisions.

If this sounds like something you need in your career, take a moment to think about how EA could impact your work life:

  • Better communication skills. When you recognize what emotions are driving someone else's behaviour, it's easier to communicate with them effectively.
  • Improved productivity. When everyone on your team is empathetic and considerate, it creates a collaborative environment where everyone can do their best work.
  • Increased creativity. People who use their EQ to understand other perspectives are more likely to come up with innovative ideas and solutions that benefit everyone involved — including the company.

The benefits of Emotional Agility are clear, and we need to implement the principles of Emotional Agility in the workplace.

When we place value on the importance of Emotional Agility, we can increase mutual respect and trust between all team members. A higher level of respect at work will only serve to enhance the overall company culture.

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